Employee Benefits

Navigating the hidden wellness & miscellaneous benefits.

Employee Benefits

Your total compensation is so much more than your salary, and it is important to evaluate this benefits package thoroughly, this includes the mis coetaneous benefits.

  • Additional categories to consider evaluating in your employee benefits package
  • Including flexible work hours, relocating, childcare and tuition reimbursement programs

Tuition Assistance or Reimbursement 

Some companies will pay for you to go back to school, usually for an advanced degree in your field. If this is something you were exploring or planned on doing anyway, this can be a very valuable benefit. 

Child/Dependent Care 

Some organizations may have on-site childcare facilities, others may partner with local childcare facilities to offer discounted rates to their employees, or simply provide employees extra funding for their dependent’s needs. 

Employee Assistance Programs  

(EAP’s) can include a variety of services, like crisis support, mental health counseling support, financial planning, and more. 

Commuting Cost & Parking Reimbursement 

Organizations may provide some reimbursements toward either your commuting cost (including passes for public transportation), or the cost of your parking, if necessary. 

Work From Home 

A flexible work arrangement can be appealing for a lot of reasons. Review what the employer offers in terms of WFH arrangements and what sort of benefit/stipend they provide so you can ensure your home office is adequately set up. 

Health & Wellness Programs 

An organization may have in-house wellness programs or provide discounts for health clubs or gym memberships.  

Professional Development 

How much is the organization going to invest in your professional development? Will they pay for relevant trainings or conferences (if not tuition assistance)? Do they have in-house programming? Employees are an organizations biggest asset, they should want you to be well trained and up-to-speed! 

Relocation Costs 

If you take a job out of state, or fairly far away from where you are currently located, check to see if the employer offers any sort of reimbursement or assistance with relocation costs.  

  • Consult with those who may be more familiar with employee benefits
    • Family, mentors, HR representatives
  • Don’t be afraid to ask the HR representative for further clarification