Welcome, future Tommies! We are so happy you are considering the University of St. Thomas and look forward to welcoming you to campus soon!   

When considering colleges, you’ll find unique opportunities for career development and support. There’s no question that the number one reason students attend college is to obtain a fulfilling career. After working hard to earn a degree, they deserve a valuable return on their investment (ROI). When choosing the right school, there will no doubt be questions about the support provided to prepare for that professional success.  

What defines the Tommie undergraduate experience? Here are three essential things you’ll find at St. Thomas:  

Overview of the Career Development Center

  • The Career Development Center (CDC) is a crucial hub within the university that fosters connections between alumni, students, and the corporate world. What makes this office unique compared to other universities is its model of enhanced collaboration, which ensures that students receive comprehensive support and guidance for their career paths. This collaboration involves close ties with alumni who can provide insights, mentoring, networking opportunities, and partnerships with various corporate entities that can offer internships, job placements, and even funding for specific projects. The ultimate goal is to provide students with a well-rounded experience beyond the classroom and into their future professional lives.  


  • Holistic Support: The office offers comprehensive services that cover career guidance, networking opportunities, skill-building, and exposure to real-world corporate environments.  
  • Lifetime Access: The Career Development Center services remain available to graduates even after they leave the university, ensuring lifelong support.  
  • Specialized Staff: The CDC employs technical staff experienced in career development, helping alumni navigate career changes, job searches, and skill enhancement.  

Services for Life  

  • The “Services for Life” concept sets St. Thomas apart from others. Unlike many institutions, which provide career support only during a student’s academic tenure, St. Thomas offers support throughout an individual’s professional journey. This support is designed to evolve alongside the changing needs of the alumni.  

Examples of Usage:  

  • Resume Review: Alumni can receive feedback on their resumes to ensure they effectively showcase their skills and experiences.  
  • Career Change: The office assists alumni in transitioning to new career paths by providing resources for skill acquisition and networking within their desired industry.  

Competencies and High-Impact Practices  

  • St. Thomas emphasizes core competencies and high-impact practices that prepare students for career success. This includes academic knowledge and skills such as critical thinking, communication, problem-solving, and adaptability.  


  • Holistic Education: Students have a well-rounded skill set beyond textbook knowledge, making them adaptable to various professional scenarios.  
  • Faculty Involvement: Faculty members actively ensure that students develop these competencies, often incorporating them into their curriculum and assignments.  

Identifying a major and career path can be daunting, but we are here to help. The Career Development Center will work with you at every step of your career journey to create a plan that sets you up for success. UST welcomes new and prospective students, offering resources to explore majors and careers.   

St. Thomas’ Career Development provides ongoing support, recognizing career development as an evolving process, offers coaching and resources like Handshake for career exploration, empowers students to explore diverse interests, and connects them with employers and resources for success.  

 Once you start at the University of St. Thomas, you will be able to;   

  • Meet with a Career Educator  
  • Attend career fairs   
  • Have a Peer Career Advisor critique your resume   
  • Explore Handshake to look for jobs and Internships  

 After graduation, St. Thomas alumni impact the world in all areas – business, nonprofits, arts, healthcare, technology, education, and more! There is no one path to success, and the UST Career Development Center is here to help you explore your interests and the world of work.  

 The Career Edge platform is a highly accessible way for students to engage with career services. We invite you to explore our career resources using this Career Development Center site as a launching point. View this page to explore how St. Thomas’ Career Development Center will become your dedicated support system when you step on campus or enroll. Learn about the wealth of experiences, networks, and opportunities you’ll encounter, and access our resources below to help you find your passions. Several online tools are now open to you to try out for yourself. So come on in and take a look around. And if you have questions, please feel free to reach out! 


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