Writing Skill Statements

AKA the bullet point statements that give depth to your experiences.

Writing Skill Statements

Elaborate on Your Experiences

Your resume contains a lot of information, and some of the most important parts are descriptions of your work, internship, leadership, study abroad and volunteer experiences. Learn to craft strong skill statements to highlight the impact of your skills.

Keep Reading to Learn:

  • The purpose of bullet points
  • Skills you want to capture in your descriptive statements
  • A break-down of how to draft a strong skill statement

Why Bullet Points?

To put it simply: it’s easier to read! Putting paragraphs on your resume often makes it harder for someone to get the quick facts about your experiences, and makes reading your resume a more daunting experience.  

It’s all about those skills!

You’ll start by writing about transferable skills, like communication skills, teamwork, problem-solving, customer service and more.

As you gain more experience, you’ll include industry-specific skills and highlight the knowledge you have that is particular to the field you’re seeking employment in.

Why bullet points?

To put it simply: bullet points are easier to read! Putting paragraphs on your resume often makes it harder for someone to get the quick facts about your experiences.

With bullet points, you can break up the description of your work into multiple short statements, starting each with an action verb to grab the reader’s attention.

A Simple Guide

Below is a process you can use to transform an overly simple bullet point statement into a more impressive one!

  • Starting bullet point: I made phone calls.
  • First: Remove any personal pronouns, like “I.” Example: Made phone calls.
  • Ask yourself: What skill(s) did you learn/demonstrate by performing this duty? Example: Learned communication skills.
  • Change the structure: Make it a statement, add an action verb at the beginning: “Learned communication skills by making phone calls.”
  • Choose a stronger verb: Choose a stronger descriptor for your skill: “Developed strong communication skills.”

Integrate Some Details


Ask yourself the 5 “W’s” and an H (Who, what, where, why, when, and how): Who was I talking to? What was I talking about? Why was I doing this?

Answer: Talking to St. Thomas Alumni, during a fundraising drive for student scholarships.


Where possible, give a sense of the scope of your experience in numbers! How many individuals were involved? How much time did the event span?

Answer: Consistently communicated with over twenty-five alumni every evening.


Where possible, highlight the outcome and result to demonstrate impact. Why was this important? Did you receive an award/commendation?

Answer: Helped raise over $1 million in scholarship funds from September to May.

The Final Draft – Transformed Bullet Point:

  • Developed strong communication skills speaking to over twenty St. Thomas Alumni per evening as part of a fundraising scholarship drive that raised over $1 million in funds during the academic year.

Next Steps

  • Begin drafting bullet statements
  • Stop by the Career Development Center to have your writing reviewed by a Career Ambassador!