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Connecting You with Talent to Meet Your Needs

A St. Thomas education is rooted in the Liberal Arts, meaning that our students develop a breadth of skills with a depth of knowledge in their specific field of study. Additionally, St. Thomas is the only academic institution in Minnesota to be designated a “Changemaker Campus,” meaning social innovation, entrepreneurship and caring for the common good are built into everything we do.

Our goal is to help you find the talent you need to meet your early career and internship opportunities. Whether you represent a small business or large corporation, a nonprofit organization or government agency, we are here to help you connect with Tommie talent.

Consult with staff to develop a tailored outreach and pipeline development strategy. Utilize our many services and resources. Take advantage of tools such as Handshake and St. Thomas Connect to increase your visibility with students and alumni.

Recruiting at St. Thomas

The Career Development Center uses Handshake to connect students with all things career-related – including job and internship opportunities. Use your existing Handshake account or get started with the Employer Quickstart Guide.

Engage with Students

Attend a Career Fair. UST hosts career fairs throughout the year.

Upcoming 2024-2025 Career Fairs:

  • St. Thomas Fall Career Fair Save the date Friday September 20, 2024. Registration opens summer 2024 via Handshake.
  • Meet the Engineers Save the date Wednesday October 2, 2024. Registration opens June 2024 via Handshake.

Conduct interviews on-campus or virtually. Use Handshake to post positions, view applications, communicate selection decisions, and construct interview schedules.

To request an interview schedule in Handshake, follow the steps found in this guide. Please allow 1-3 business days for review and approval, at which time you’ll be notified of questions or schedule availability.

Info sessions can be an effective way to connect with students when your opportunities appeal to a broad range of interests. Sessions can be offered online or in-person. Eligible employers offer paid internships and/or full-time jobs that prefer or require a bachelor’s degree.

If interested in scheduling an Info Session, follow the steps in the link below. Please allow 1-3 business days for a reply.

Sometimes informal conversations are the best way to engage students. Employer Chats give students the opportunity to ask you questions about your organization, internships and career opportunities.

Tabling in the student center is available for part-time and summer jobs as well as paid internships, and full time, post-graduation jobs. To request an information table in our Anderson Student Center or in a location that fits your targeted majors, please email the Employer Engagement staff to discuss options.

When your opportunities align with targeted majors and career interests, our student clubs are the ideal place to engage with students. Be a guest speaker at club meetings, offer company visits and/or job shadows, and participate in events.

To identify relevant clubs or if you have questions, please reach out to us at

Your valuable insights and experiences can shed light on the unique skills and attributes that veterans bring to the workforce, and how businesses can create an inclusive and veteran-friendly work environment. By participating in various events, you’ll have the opportunity to showcase your commitment to diversity, inclusion, and veterans’ well-being, while also gaining exposure to a broad and appreciative audience.

  • Podcast: Participate in a podcast from the comfort of your home or office. You are welcome to come to UST as well! Share information about your experiences, hiring practices, retaining efforts, etc. Interested in learning more? Email
  • Lunch & Learns: Come to the Karon Veterans Resource Center on Tuesdays or Thursdays over the lunch hour to share information about your company and network with veterans. Interested in scheduling a time? Email
  • Panel: Are you interested in being part of a veteran panel where college students can engage with you and learn about how you navigated the transition from service to civilian life? Throughout the school year, St. Thomas hosts panels where veterans share how their military background shaped their careers. Interested in learning more? Email

Career treks are exploration experiences that bring groups of 15-20 students to meet with potential employers to gain insights into their operations, company culture and career opportunities. These treks offer students the opportunity to explore different industries, network with professionals, and learn about potential career paths. Career treks are a valuable part of the career development process and can be especially helpful for students in the exploration and preparation stages of their career journey.

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