DFC Alumni Spotlight Series: Ana Acosta

 Navigating the Career Path: Insights from Ana Acosta 

Ana Acosta (She/her/hers) completed her undergraduate studies in 2020 at DFC and pursued a Bachelor of Arts degree at UST- St. Paul, graduating in 2022. She majored in Strategic Communications, and minored in Communications Studies, and Theology. 

Exploring the Path 

Ana worked in Higher Education. With a strong passion for this field, she initiated conversations to gather insights and guidance from experienced professionals. Leveraging her connections from both DFC and the UST campus, Acosta gained valuable perspectives on how to navigate her career path as a young professional. 

Preparation for Success 

For Ana, getting prepared was key to doing well in her interviews. She intentionally researched her interviewers and their roles, getting herself acquainted with the institution or company she was applying to. “I researched commonly asked questions, what sort of candidate they were looking for, and most importantly found as much information about the institution/company as I could,” she shared. This thorough research not only highlighted her commitment to success but also equipped her to confidently engage in conversations during the interview process. 

The Excitement of New Beginnings 

Looking back on her first day at her new job, Ana remembers having a mix of emotions going from excitement to feeling overwhelmed. Meeting her colleagues and diving into her role’s responsibility gave her a sense of belonging. “It was great to meet the team and be able to understand more of the role. It was also great to be welcomed in while being offered support by the team and the supervisors,” she said. 

The Power of Networking 

Networking played a crucial role in Ana’s career journey. Through meaningful connections, she not only gained important industry insights but also discovered the nuances of her chosen field. “Networking helped in so many ways. I was able to ask the right questions but most importantly understand this new industry which in my case is higher education,” she said. Engaging with professionals in her field allowed her to change her career goals and foster a student-focused approach to her work. 

Advice for the Next Generation 

From college graduate to early professional, Acosta has gained knowledge and wisdom to help guide students who are soon about to share the same journey. She advises upcoming graduates to “do as much research about the company you are interested in as you possibly can.” Demonstrating wanting to learn and being well-prepared leaves an impression on hiring managers. Additionally, she emphasizes the importance of seeking guidance from seasoned professionals in the field. “Ask as many professionals as possible in that field for advice and more people to connect with,” she suggests, underscoring the value of building a robust professional network.’ 

By Natasha Isaac
Natasha Isaac