Preparing for the Interview

What happens before the interview is just as important as the interview itself.

Preparing for the Interview

Interviewing can be scary, but there are steps you can take ahead of time to make the experience easier.

  • Steps to prepare for interviews
  • What to take care of in advance


Employers often complain that they interview students that don’t know anything about their organization, and aren’t prepared. That shouldn’t be you!

The Job Description

Review the job description. Highlight or write down key responsibilities and skills.

The Organization

Learn about the organization and be prepared to talk about why you want to work for them!

Questions to Ask

Think about what questions you want to ask the interviewer at the end of the interview. Have 3-5 questions prepared, and should always ask what the next steps in the hiring process will be.


Talking About Yourself

Be prepared to tell the interviewer about yourself: a little bit of personal, educational, and professional information is great!

STAR Stories

From your research, you’ll know about key skills and responsibilities you’ll need to demonstrate competence in. Prepare and practice your STAR stories in advance.


The Outfit

Pick out your outfit 2-3 days before your interview so you can ensure it is clean and wrinkle-free. Choose comfortable shoes in case you need to walk for an office tour, or end up parking a few blocks away.


Always be modest and err on the side of being overdressed, but feel free to include some pieces that show your personality. An interesting tie, hijab, or piece of jewelry is a good choice!

The Details

Review interview details – is it virtual or in person? If in person, make a plan to get there early.

Next Steps

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  • Research the employer
  • Prepare for behavioral-based interview questions
  • Schedule an appointment with the Career Development Center for a practice interview