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Students of Color

Who Are Students of Color?

The Career Development Center aims to support the career prospects and long-term success of students of color (i.e., Asian/Pacific-Islander, Hispanic/Latino/a or Chicano/a, African American, and Native American/American Indian) through year-round programming and lifelong, individualized career appointments. As a student of color, your diverse perspectives and unique stories are an asset to the St. Thomas community and society at large. At MHC123, you’ll meet Career Educators who will come alongside you at any stage of your career journey — from finding meaningful work that aligns with your values and interests, to articulating how your distinct perspective will be invaluable to the company you’re applying for.

A cartoon of a Black nonbinary student with tattoos on their forearms. They sit at a desk in an empty classroom with a textbook and a notebook in front of them. They are looking at the camera with a cool, calm expression.

On this page, you’ll find career-specific advice and resources for students of color at St. Thomas. Here are 3 reasons you should engage with career services today:

  1. Get hands-on work experience. An experiential learning opportunity (such as volunteer work, an internship, or a research project) not only looks great on a resume but can also help you feel more prepared to enter the workforce after graduation. Visit MHC123 to get help finding and applying for internships and other paid opportunities.
  2. Find a career mentor. You’ve probably heard it a hundred times: “Connect to the Tommie Network.” But what is it? Where do you find it? How does it relate to your career journey? Engage with our career staff to learn how to use St. Thomas Connect, an online platform where you can access the Tommie Network for quick career tips, long-term mentorship, and everything in between.
  3. Make the most of your education. Your tuition at St. Thomas pays for more than just your courses. It pays for all sorts of services and amenities on campus — from flu shots to water fountains to lifelong career appointments!
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  • Get Involved. Challenge yourself to step outside your comfort zone this semester by joining a club or organizations! Surrounding yourself with peers who have similar interests, backgrounds, or goals can help you stay on track with your career plans and provide encouragement along the way. Plus, extracurricular involvement looks great on a resume!
  • Work Experience: Yes, helping out at your dad’s carpentry business counts as work experience! Being a caregiver for your grandmother, volunteering at your church, and holding down a part-time job for two months — these are all valid experiences that you can put on your resume. Meet with a Career Educator to learn how to highlight the skills you obtained from the different roles and responsibilities you’ve held throughout your life.
  • Resume Review: Getting feedback on your resume is easy! Option 1: Schedule a Resume Review appointment on Handshake. Option 2: Visit MHC123 during drop-in hours from 10 to 3, Monday to Friday.


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