Alumni Advice: Graduation Congratulations

As the class of 2024 joins the Tommie Alumni Network upon their graduation, we asked alumni on St. Thomas Connect to share messages of congratulations. Check out their words of wisdom below!

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To the Class of 2024, congratulations! The path that brought you to this point is as varied as each and every one of you are, for some of you the path was easy and for someone of you the path was difficult. Either way take pride in what you have accomplished, be proud of the work you have put in, and be thankful for each person in your life that has helped you along the way. But this journey is not the end it is a single, giant, step as you move forward to what comes next…never stop learning and growing and as you do you will look back at this moment as not a close but rather the beginning of a bright future.

Micheal Gumbert

Congratulations to all recent graduates! You should be immensely proud of your achievement. Take a moment to celebrate all your incredible accomplishments throughout your journey at St. Thomas. As newly minted Tommie Alumni, I encourage you to continue utilizing the resources offered by UST in your post-graduate endeavors. The Tommie Network is an incredibly powerful tool that can propel you towards many different pathways to success in your personal and professional goals. However, don’t forget to take a breath, pause for a moment, and soak in the time, memories, and reflections you’ll be feeling as you walk across the stage. You all deserve it.

Eshan Varma

“Hey Graduates! Congrats and best wishes as you celebrate and head out into the next adventure. Whether you have the next step in hand or are taking a breather to explore what that might be,  let what speaks to you or tugs on your heart and spirit guide you. Look for what plays to your strengths – the part of you that gets revved up when you exercise that muscle. Use that strength not only for career building but also in service to whatever cause is meaningful to you. Onwards!”

Liz Backus, Class of ’81, BA Journalism

“Success is never final. Congratulations on this big milestone and take a moment to reflect on all the hurdles you’ve overcome along with all the good memories. This recipe is what has provided you with the necessary ammunition to go out in the world and make an impact. Never forget to be grateful for all the little things that we take for granted because other people would give everything to be in your place.”

Raphael Stavrides

“Congratulations and best wishes as you move forward in life. If I can give you a little advice I learned late in life is learn the name of everyone you come in contact with. This includes janitors, cashiers and the workers in the fast-food industry. I guarantee you will receive better service and lots of smiles. Also, after you meet someone in business, send them a small thank you note and include your contact information. They will remember you for that. Again, good luck and have a long happy life.”

Thomas Nollet
By Marit Aaseng
Marit Aaseng Assistant Director of Alumni and Graduate Career Services