Alumni Advice: Embracing Senior Spring

Spring break is over, and the end of the semester is coming up quick! While it can be tempting for seniors to slide to the finish line, the last weeks and months before graduation are so valuable. We asked alumni “What advice do you have for graduating seniors hoping to make the most of their final months at St. Thomas?” You can learn from these words of wisdom below!

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“If you are feeling the natural tendency to ease up on the accelerator with the end is in sight just as the great spring weather arrives, re-commit to the college and campus experience for your last few months, whether it’s spending more time looking around as though you just arrived, eating more meals on campus, lingering a bit longer in idle conversation, or meeting new people. Reflect on all the people who helped and supported you along the way, and go say thank you. And, spend some time alone in the chapel reflecting on and praying about where you’ve been and where you’re headed. Congratulations, and best wishes for you future.”

Marc Shrake

“Become an expert in more than one area or skill both at work and volunteering. You’ll need a backup plan in case your main skill job has low demand. Keep learning and training. Do weekly/monthly job searches even if you have a job. This will give you an idea of what employers are looking, get all the certificates and ask you current employer to pay for them. Join toastmasters and practice public speaking even if your job is technical and non-customer facing. Keep doing all these things until you are ready to retire.”

Alom Walters

By Marit Aaseng
Marit Aaseng Assistant Director, Career Readiness